Our Sponsors

Running our group and going on Summer Camp each year is a costly business. Funding for the group largely comes from membership fees, summer camp attendance fees and many generous donations.

Sponsorship is wonderful for us as it helps us to plan our financial budgeting for future events. We have also been able to plan events based on sponsorship from the following generous organisations:


Ongoing Sponsors

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7thSense Design Ltd

7thSense Design Ltd. is a creative software and technology company based in Sussex. They specialise in building entertainment systems used in Theme Parks and Visitor Attractions all around the world.

7thSense Design have been a keen supporter of 2ndChailey Scouts for a number of years providing support in both time and financial assistance. This year 7thSense committed to an annual sponsorship of the group which helps to support our annual running costs and Summer Camp.

Find out more about them at: www.7thsensedesign.com


Event Sponsors


Chailey Heritage Foundation

Our weekly meetings are held on Chailey Heritage Premises, either in the Memorial Hall or Hanbury Hall, we also have two storage sheds on site where our equipment is kept. Not only do Chailey host us by providing space but we have a great deal of support from the administrative and facilities staff in all the activities we run on premises and further afield.

Find out more here: www.chf.org.uk


Armari Computing

Every year at our Summer Camp we compile the many photos taken and a short movie summarising the week onto USB sticks which are given to all attendees as a memento of the camp. This is really important as it enables our members to share their experiences on camp with friends and families. This year, our kind friends at Armari computing sponsored the cost of the USB sticks we had designed. Thank you so much Armari!!



We have a lot of equipment required for our Summer Camp to take place and getting it to the campsite is a major undertaking. In the past we have been supported with the use of a large cattle truck, unfortunately this is no longer available but EBISS Ltd, an expert freight and handling company based in Bolney, W.Sussex stepped in to provide us with free transportation of all of our kit to and from the campsite. Not only did they provide trucks but their drivers got stuck in helping us pack and unpack at both ends. Thank you EBISS!!!


Could you help us...?

We are so grateful to the many wonderful people who donate to our cause, it's hard to ask for more. Ongoing sponsorship is hugely valuable to us as it helps us plan our finances for the longterm. If you or a company your are involved with might be interested in supporting us with sponsorship, we'd love to hear from you...